Tenuta Vetti Salento
Tenuta Vetti Salento
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Il Salento 

Landlocked peninsula between the Adriatic and Ionian seas, Salento is the land of Puglia's southernmost tip. Lecce, which is the provincial capital, stands out not only from the rest of the region but also from the same Salento for its intellectual detachment and its aristocratic gentility. Baroque capital of Puglia, is called the "Florence of the Baroque," you had a long life in the late sixteenth century and early eighteenth century and dressed churches and palaces and sumptuous whimsical ornaments without altering the existing structures such as the Renaissance and even Romanesque in the Basilica of Santa Croce, in the adjoining Government Palace (the former Celestine Convent), in the Church of Saints Nicoḷ and Cataldo. The city has other monuments and signs of more ancient nobility: a messapico Hypogeum of the third century BC in the basement of the palace garden Palmieri, Roman Amphitheatre in St. Oronzo Square, remains of Port Adriano on the beautiful beach of San Cataldo, doors and sixteenth-century palaces.

To know Salento is necessary to cover two routes starting from Lecce: the one along the "blue Coast Salento" towards Otranto which continues after the Cape, where the Adriatic ends and merges with the Ionian, till Leuca, the 'other along the "Riviera nirentina" on the Ionian coast up to Gallipoli to Nardo. The centrality of the TENUTA VETTI offers tourists a wide range of itineraries.

The Salento, which in the tripartite division of the Angevin-Aragonese Puglia assumed the name of Otranto, it will be described as follows in its entirety before between picturesque landscapes of the coastal stretches and then conclude with the internal ones from the sidewalls. The Salento peninsula boasts two coasts, the eastern one along the Adriatic coast and to the west along the Ionian coast. The gorges, creeks, the cliffs, give way to endless beaches, ideal for lovers of peaceful holiday.




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